Alessandro Roncone

I have spent a good part of my college life doing graphic design for a living. Although I don’t actively do it any more, the following is a list of the open-source projects I did to showcase my skills. I’m keeping them in this page for many reasons: i) historical record—after all these years, people are still using them; ii) I really enjoyed doing them; iii) they still are a proof of my graphic prowess, which unfortunately right now is only leveraged in my presentations.


Personal website of Alessandro Roncone, also known as alecive, Ph.D. in robotics engineering, computer scientist, interaction designer, father and runner. From Fall 2018, he became Assistant Professor of Robotics in the CS Department at University of Colorado Boulder, where he directs the Human Interaction and RObotics [HIRO] Group.

Alessandro has more than thirteen years' research experience in robotics. He worked full time with the iCub, one of the most advanced humanoid robots, on machine perception and artificial intelligence. His mastery of C++ and the YARP/ROS software architectures has been employed for research in human-robot interaction, kinematics, tactile perception and robot control.

I am looking for students! [LINK]