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Minimalism at its finest


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AwOken is a project born in 2010 with the attempt to bring a whole new experience in Linux community. Being inspired by the great work of brsev on Token icons, AwOken project is aimed to provide a complete and coherent iconset, with an eye on design and minimalism. It comes with three different flavours (AwOken, AwOkenDark, AwOkenWhite), but is provided with a script that let you customize it with 40590000000 unique combinations.

AwOken iconset is an open, never ending project. New icons are restlessy designed (and icon requests are warmly welcome), and official portings are on the way. Currently, AwOken is available on Linux (GNOME, KDE and XCFE), but Android porting are planned. More than 2 million downloads make it one of the most downloaded icon themes ever.

AwOken icons are released under cc-by-nc-sa license, so feel free to download and use them for personal use. To purchase a commercial use license, drop me a line and we will arrange easily.

Some Screenshots


Screenshot by snarkia


Screenshot by alespana


Screenshot by luigisalvati


Screenshot by luigisalvati


Screenshot by immortalphoenix


Screenshot by mmesantos


Screenshot by alecive


Screenshot by alecive


Screenshot by alecive


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Alessandro has more than years' research experience in robotics. He worked with the iCub robot, one of the most advanced humanoid robots, on machine perception, robot control, and artificial intelligence. His research focus is in human-robot interaction: with the goal of creating robots that work with and around people, he focuses on motion planning, artificial intelligence, and robot control. This website is not actively maintained any more! Please visit my lab's website [LINK]