iCub icon

A friendly icon for a friendly robot


GitHub: [link]


Pushed by the need of having a nice, clean and well designed icon for the iCub humanoid robot (to be used in presentations and websites), I have developed a minimal, nice looking icon to be used throughout my projects (and freely available to others). It is a striking departure from the previous logo, whilst maintaining the same friendly and cartoonish appearance.

The icon is freely available on GitHub, in both png and svg format. It was positively welcomed by many people in the iCub Facility, and over the time it has been used in many different projects and websites.

iCub icon in the wild


Personal website of Alessandro Roncone, Ph.D. in robotics, computer scientist, team lead, father, and runner. From August 2018, he became Assistant Professor of Robotics in the CS Department at CU Boulder, where he directs the Human Interaction and RObotics [HIRO] Group. Since January 2022, Alessandro is also Chief Technology Officer of Lab0.

Alessandro has more than fifteen years' research experience in robotics. He worked with the iCub robot, one of the most advanced humanoid robots, on machine perception, robot control, and artificial intelligence. His research focus is in human-robot interaction: with the goal of creating robots that work with and around people, he focuses on motion planning, artificial intelligence, and robot control. This website is not actively maintained any more! Please visit my lab's website [LINK]